Our Team

Frances Peake, President and Co-Founder


​Frances has more than 25 years of experience helping businesses streamline processes and communicate information more effectively and efficiently within their own organizations and with customers and vendors. She has been a professional database software consultant, developer and trainer since 1990.


Frances began her career as Manager of Technical Support and Quality Assurance for Alpha Software, Inc. after graduating from Tufts University in Boston. Today she is one of most respected Alpha experts in the world..

Bianca Proctor, Co-Founder


​Bianca began designing web sites in the early days of e-commerce following a sales career with Pioneer Electronics. Since 1998 she has provided customized design and marketing services through her own company BeeDESIGNS, later as a partner in Proctor & Peake, Inc. and now through Peake Team Software. She created Peake Team Software’s highly successful “Web Visibility Service” SEO product.

Peter Greulich, Developer


Peter built a comprehensive project tracking system with Alpha Five for his sizable surveying and engineering firm. In 2009 he sold his business and embarked upon a new career as an independent software developer. Peter brings his expertise to Peake Team Software as the lead programmer on large projects.

Laura Dyer, QA Expert

A former Alpha Software Quality Assurance Manager, Laura has held management positions in QA and source control for several software companies including S1 Corporation. Laura applies her sharp analytical skills as chief software tester and database specialist for Peake Team Software.

Jerry Brightbill, Advisor

Jerry is the author of the Alpha Security Framework and a technical trainer for Alpha Software developer conferences and webinars. When he is not working on Alpha Software projects, Jerry serves as special advisor to the Peake Team.