Inventory Services Network

ISN is a national association of inventory service companies. Software developed by the Peake Team is used in thousands of inventories each year in large grocery stores, convenience stores, warehouses and hospitals. Many of the more than 20 companies in the association have hired Peake Team Software to write specialized versions of the core software program. Recently launched for ISN: a mobile inventory‑taking app that runs on a tablet with keypad and scanner input.

Physicians Eyecare Plan

PEP’s customers are many of the largest employers in South Carolina. These employers offer vision benefits to their employees through PEP’s network of eye care providers. Peake Team Software developed PEP’s online system for checking benefits eligibility, submitting claims, billing and reporting. The Charleston-based company is currently expanding and has entrusted us with a major update of their system.


Formerly Gorman & Gorman, Inc. of New Orleans, Louisiana, CONSERVANT is an authority in the field of vocational rehabilitation counseling and Life Care Planning. Peake Team Software designed and developed a complete system for clinical reporting and billing. It includes a powerful Life Care Plan builder. The system allows professionals of various disciplines to collaborate on a final product.

VATAmerica LLC

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, VATAmerica has recovered millions of dollars’ worth of legally-refundable foreign taxes for their corporate clients. The Peake Team serves as database consultant‑developers for this company’s specialized VAT and aviation fuel tax recovery services. VATAmerica’s custom software is used for client on-boarding, document tracking and communicating electronically with European claims offices.

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